Leather Maintenance Tips

How to Care for and Clean Top Grain Leather Furniture

Top grain leather is one of the most durable and longest-lasting upholstery materials. To ensure the most extended life possible for your top grain leather sofa, clean up spills immediately to prevent stains and clean up dust monthly. Apply a high-quality leather conditioner once a year, and your furniture should last a lifetime. While top grain leather furniture comes at a higher price than pieces upholstered using lower-quality fabrics, they are designed to withstand the test of time, and they offer exceptional value due to how long they last. If you are looking for beautiful and durable furniture that is perfect for families, you can’t go wrong with a leather sofa.


Natural Markings on Genuine Leather

All genuine leathers have natural markings. Some people are surprised to learn that the absence of natural markings can often mean a lesser quality leather hide. This is because lower-grade cowhides are typically sanded to remove these markings, making the leather thinner. Above are pictures of some of the natural leather markings commonly found in quality aniline dyed or pigmented leather. Pigmented leather will hide more natural markings due to the use of pigments instead of transparent aniline dyes.